Frequently Asked Questions regarding JJ Art Creations products!

We know there are a lot of choices for cribbage boards out there, as well as home decor and wall decor. So we wanted to address some of the questions many of our clients have when purchasing our products! We hope this helps clear things up, however should you continue to have some questions for us do not hesitate to send us an email or click on the message us icon on the bottom right of your screen! We do our best to reply to our clients promptly!

1. Do your cribbage boards all come as 4 track boards? 

Yes, and the reason for us doing 4 player boards is that there are very few continuous track cribbage boards out there and when you have uo to 4 player it makes it simple to add in players or just play 1 on 1. 

2. What if I want my own cribbage board or home decor design, what are my options? 

Great question, we do full custom orders. So if you are looking for a personalized cribbage board or perhaps a specific color or image attached, we can do this for you. As long as the images are of high quality and printable 9 times out of 10 its totally doable. We love creating handmade and unique creations that are inspired by our clients so do not be afraid to share your ideas with us. Same goes for our wall decor or coasters, if you want a specific saying on them or picture applied just let us know. 

3. How many colors can I choose when I have a custom creation made?

When it comes to your color choices, we have a great selection of colors and the beauty of paint is that it can be manipulated if needed. So don't hesitate to let us know the colors you want. As for how many to choose, we suggest keeping your colors to 4 per item. The reason for this is because the more colors you choose the harder it is to separate them or keep the consistency of each color, as paint will mix and bleed into other so sticking to 4 eliminates the muddled look as much as possible and allows for the flow of the paint to blend nicely. If you are having a hard time deciding on colors or need assistance, one of our team members would be happy to assist you as that is our expertise and we love helping out when it comes to the creative stage of the product. 

4. What is your production time on your products for custom orders? 

Cribbage Boards: Due to high demands, we estimate 5-6 weeks for all custom or personalized cribbage boards. As there are many stages to creating your beautiful pieces we need enough time for setting at each stage. Should your cribbage board be completed sooner than that, we will contact you to let you know. 

Scrabble Boards: The intricate detail of our custom scrabble boards and the added box to the board for a unique limited edition look. Please note these boards take up to 10 weeks to complete. So if you are looking for a gift, please order in advance to make sure we can deliver on time :) 

Coasters: All our custom coasters take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, and as mentioned above if anything is done sooner, we will contact you to let you know. 

5. Are any of your materials used toxic? 

Great question, and we are so glad you asked this. We strive to provide top quality products using only the most finest materials. We make sure that all our paints and sealers are either NON-VOC or LOW VOC so that you are not needing to be worried about odours or smells in your home from our completed products. If you ever have any concerns regarding this, don't hesitate to contact us. 

6. How do you ship your products? 

We ship all our goods via Canada Post, and make sure to provide tracking to you upon completion once your item is ready for shipment. We make sure that our goods are packaged well so you don't need to worry about your items being damaged during the shipping process. 

7. How long does it take to receive my product once shipped? 

Depending on your location, this can vary. Due to Covid-19 we are noticing that anything outside of Canada does take much longer, so please expect up to 3 weeks for International shipments and all orders within Canada should arrive within 5-7 business days! 

8. Do you offer special packaging for gifts? 

Yes absolutely we are happy to provide our products in special packaging, we know that many of our orders end up as gifts so understand the appreciation of having something nicely packaged. Our cribbage boards come in their own black muslin bag for every board, and our coasters are always packaged into a gift bag. Should you require special gift wrap or want something a little more fancy, please let us know and we can do our best to accommodate. (Please note depending on your requirement there may be an additional charge) 

9. Will my products last a long time? 

Of course we totally understand that when you invest into a high quality product you expect it to last you a long time. This is why we use top quality products and also finish all our pieces with an epoxy resin sealer. The beauty of the epoxy resin is it allows for a gorgeous high gloss finish but also provides a hard sealed water-resistant and scratch-resistant surface. You can clean the surface very easily with a damp cloth and over time the epoxy becomes harder and harder so will not be prone to wear. So your pieces of art can last for years to come, with no fading or changing of colors either. 


If we have not covered everything in these questions, do not hesitate to contact us with your concerns. We would be happy to assist you. 

Thank you, 

The JJ Art Team!