Label Tips

The Label Process

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to remove existing labels and how to apply your new labels on your bottles. 

Select your Bottles

Bottle Shape

Stick to a smooth surface, and try to find bottles that are the same width from top to bottom. This makes applying the labels very simple and avoids any wrong placement. It's best to find bottles that are tall in the shoulder, most cab, sauvignon or merlot will work well. Try to find bottles with the straight portion taller than the label to avoid any bubbling at the top or bottom if the bottle is shorter than the label. 

Existing Labels

Try to find bottles where the label is adhered to the bottle rather than painted on the glass. Should you wish to use a bottle with text directly on the bottle, just make sure that your label will be able to cover all the font so there is nothing showing underneath. 


Removing Existing Labels

Once you have selected your bottles and/or candles for the labels you purchased. Follow these tips to remove effectively. 

Grab a paper towel or cloth and some lemon juice, soak your cloth or paper towel with the lemon juice and soak the label as much as you can. Another alternative to lemon juice is pure lemon oil, or goo gone. Any of these will work great. Once the label is soaked with the solution of choice you gently continue to rub the label until it slowly start peeling away. A credit card can be useful for rubbing it away as well. Once the label is removed, you may need to rub the area again with some solution to get the last of the sticky residue off. 

Dry off the bottle/jar and apply your label with the instructions above. 

Image by Armands Brants

Applying your Labels

Before you begin, be sure your hands and the bottle are clean and dry from any grease or moisture. This makes sure the adhesive from the label apply well to the bottle.


Remove the back part of your label while carefully avoiding the adhesive of your label. Position your label over the bottle/jar and press firmly in the middle of the label first, making sure the edges of your label are still away from the bottle/jar. Slowly press each side outward towards all edges to prevent air bubbles from forming. We recommend pressing one side of your label down first and smoothing out the label before pressing down on the rest of the label.

For Candles


*Please do not leave burning candles unattended, and never burn longer than 4 hours at a time. Should you have any questions regarding your label please let us know via messenger on Etsy.

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